Quota usage refresh in Openstack

Openstack stores quota usage for tenants in the database in quota_usages table. Nova and cinder have by default their own separate databases and in each database you get a new quota_usages table. The structure of the quota_usages table is as follows +---------------+--------------+------+-----+---------+----------------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | … Continue reading Quota usage refresh in Openstack


Glance and CEPH backend

Using CEPH as a backend for glance images has slowly become the default deployment methodology in many production deployments. It is usually as easy as creating a new pool in ceph ( glance pool) and creating a user to be associated with glance. The glance CEPH user will normally authenticate using cephx and store images … Continue reading Glance and CEPH backend

cinder-manage: Did you know about it ?

A tool that's less known-about for cinder is cinder-manage. You might have run into it during upgrades. The most common use case is cinder-manage db sync This is normally executed during upgrades to bring the database to the latest version, or to create the schema for a new installation. But there's actually additional usages for … Continue reading cinder-manage: Did you know about it ?